Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week Two

Car Info   Oil pressure  60,  Temp 190,  mpg 13-14.5  (3.70 rear) Third latch works like a charm.  No leaks from front of top. Thank you Carl Hinkson (Blockman) for such a great engine rebuild.  Only state and county roads.  No traffic, speeds about 55 to 70  all day.  It is a dream ride.

The Ride   I have stayed on blue highways about 80% of the time.  Small hamlets, Main Streets,  corn and beans in the fields.  Sometimes I can go 10 min. without seeing a car.  Small town USA.  I love to drive and this drive is a Corvette owners dream.  I feel very privileged to have the time, the car and family support to under take such a trip.  Strangers have opened their homes to me and I hope that my visit gives them back as much as they give me.

I am still waiting for Harvey to show up in the passenger seat,  part of this trip was to be self examination and spiritual growth.  I guess it has been too hot .  I will keep you posted if Harvey shows.   I am sorry for the delay in writing this blog , thanks for your patience.

I am staying tonight in a small town called Battle Ground, IN. It was where the battle of Tippecanoe was fought during the war of 1812.   Off to Grafton WI on Sunday.  Keep the light on.

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  1. Thank you jack, for stopping by in Moline Illinois. It was great to hear about your trip. Your Corvette looks, rides, and drives like a winner.

    Those of us share a love cars and of driving around the country are glad to follow along as your 38 year old dream trip reveals itself to you, mile by mile.