Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sun Valley just like I always pictured it

From Jackson Hole WY to Sun Valley Idaho, the most exciting and challenging roads that I have driven so far.   Camping by a little river in the Sawtooth Mountain Range.   Only 15 miles from Ketchum, center of the ski resort.

A few moments of western ski town,  lots of summer activities, hiking, biking, running , rowing, you name it , someone is doing it here.

I will close with saying that the west is so vast, beautiful, lonely and truly majestic.  If you ever get a chance to ride some of the route I have taken, in any car, you will be thrilled to death,  Maybe I shouldn't say that, but again thanks to all of you that have make my trip , a trip of a lifetime.

Take that ride , sooner than later

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