Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Four

I would like to share my thoughts on the kindness that people have shown to me on this trip.  I had few problems  , phone not working, fuel pump not working,   stuff that happens.

Take the kindness shown by Joey & Jimmy of the Bronx.  Two guys at a garage in the Bronx that came to my aid.  And what do you know,  Joey's mom was driven to the hospital by his dad, to give birth to him in a 63 SWC  , that is still in the family.  They cleaned my gas vent cap, said my fuel pump was OK and sent me on my way.  Odd happening in the Bronx.

The car acts up near West Point, and because I can't use my phone to call , I remember a friend who teaches at the Academy.  I don't have her number, but do get the address, put it the GPS and I make it to her house, knock on the door and say remember me?  Turns out , her husband has a 73 Corvette in the garage.  I stay the night and the car seems fine in morning and off we go to Rochester, next stop. 

Of course I break down in Cortland NY, when the fuel pump goes south.  What do you know, the garage owner has a 67 BB and a bunch of trophies in the office.  He knows how I am feeling at the moment, and  kindly lends me his truck for the night  , while we wait for the part in the morning. Such kindness.  Also, many forum members (Gene,Rick,Dan)  tried to help me via phone and emails with opinions and advice. Thank you

Now for the good stuff.  Route 17 from about West Point to Cortland is one of the best roads that I have ever driven a mid-year on.  The day was cloudy and threatened rain.  The road is a 4 lane divided highway.  Almost no traffic and 170 miles long.  It wines its way through the Catskill Mountains hugging the river valleys and mountain tops.

On this day you could imagine yourself on a Bavarian highway in Germany.  Wisps of fog and low hanging clouds.  The turns are perfect for our cars to negotiate at 55 to 70 mph.  I put on cruise control at 3300 rpm and just let the car run.  Great road to use instead of the Thruway from Buffalo to NYC.

Hope all is well tomorrow with the car, and off  I go St, Catherines, CA/ Buffalo area, to see my son row in the Canadian Henley , and to see Sam Kalmuk , who owns a  1964 Grand Sport.  Life is Good

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