Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last Days

I have just passed 7,248 miles driven on this trip, almost 700 in the last couple of days. Meeting with a reporter from American Car Club of Norway tomorrow and there is a large car show in Oslo this weekend that I'll attend. After that it's packing up the gear and the car comes home on a boat on Nov 1, and should be in NY in December. I fly home on Sunday and look forward to being home with my family. 

Once home I'll rest and then have time to start posting some great photos and videos. It will be nice to stay put for more than just a couple of days. I am so grateful for all of the hospitality I've been shown during this Corvette Vagabond European adventure. Thank you! Remember, you are all welcome to visit Maine.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Before the trip I wondered what types of people I would meet, whether they would be as passionate about their cars as the American Club and Forum members and whats types of hobbies, besides cars they might share with me. Here's collage of some of the things I have found. The trip holds many wonderful memories, some funny stories, and most of all a peek into people's lives. Here's a glimpse, use your imagination.

Sauna Happy

Three saunas in two days does relax the mind and body. It has been great to experience this wonderful ritual in Finland, I was even treated to a traditional 'smoke' sauna. In Jyvaskyla, Finland , a beautiful central Finland lakes region. The landscape is quite simple and buildings have a rustic/chic quality to them. Grooyjay, (Jani and Mika and Tapio ) have been wonderful hosts and offered their support along the way. Some shots of the Corvette Club of Finland. 

Thumbs up to you as well my friends!

Ready to rumble

Pretty Finnish buildings

Sunday, October 21, 2012


In Helsinki this morning. Many members of the FinnShark forum have set out a great welcome mat. I have been fortunate to have met some very interesting Corvette owners in my European travels. Not only do they love corvettes, they also have other interests that I found fascinating. 

Mark and Gabriela and dog Felix, are one such couple. He owns a nice 66 coupe and a few other European cars. He in involved in the advertising business and art photography. He has published two books on European Car rallys with photographs of the event. His wife Gabriela is a student and teacher of Yoga. She works with sound vibrations using gongs and bells as a yoga method of relaxation.

My hosts and their little dog, too.

One More Week

Time has flown and it's hard to believe that in another week, I'll be on my way back to the US. People have been so generous of their time and in welcoming the Corvette Vagabond into their homes. I've gotten a glimpse into their love affairs with Corvettes and American muscle cars. It's been fascinating and a trip where the stories will mellow with age and become even more dear. After a brief stop in Sweden, I've made my way to Finland, where a group has taken care of me for a few days. A shout out to my son's girlfriend, Emily for a great race at the Head of the Charles. Nice Work!

The Corvette Vagabond and his car enjoying the view.

Nice Cars!!!

I have had the privilege of seeing a couple of private car collections during this trip. It's amazing how many cars real enthusiasts think they need. What's great is most of the cars are enjoyed and driven. Owners could not have been nicer. Here are a few shots, and if you really want to see more, links to forums can be found at on the 12 Country Tour page.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hard Decision

Well, the days are getting cooler and the light is changing. I was tempted to go back to Le Mans to cheer on the Scorpus Racing team, but hearing that snow is on its way in Finland, I packed in and headed toward the Netherlands and will be in Germany again by the 14th. Pics later...