Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Northwest

Well I have made it to the Northwest.  Gig Harbor WA.  A little harbor town, if I didn't know I was in WA I would think I was in Maine.  I am staying with a great couple, Jim and Lianne; good lift in garage, good work in fixing my u joint, good food, good drink and a warm bed.  Thanks again to those who have made my trip so wonderful.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sun Valley just like I always pictured it

From Jackson Hole WY to Sun Valley Idaho, the most exciting and challenging roads that I have driven so far.   Camping by a little river in the Sawtooth Mountain Range.   Only 15 miles from Ketchum, center of the ski resort.

A few moments of western ski town,  lots of summer activities, hiking, biking, running , rowing, you name it , someone is doing it here.

I will close with saying that the west is so vast, beautiful, lonely and truly majestic.  If you ever get a chance to ride some of the route I have taken, in any car, you will be thrilled to death,  Maybe I shouldn't say that, but again thanks to all of you that have make my trip , a trip of a lifetime.

Take that ride , sooner than later

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

Close call    
Yellow Teton Teddy R
But Mom, it's a Corvette
Yellow Teton Teddy R
Just a Dream
Yellow Teton Teddy R

Just Look
Yellow Teton Teddy R

Thank you Patti and Adam
Yellow Teton Teddy R

In the Great National Parks


Just a quick message. I am in the National Parks. TR Park, Yellowstone, and now the Tetons.

Very poor internet, can't upload pictures. Car is fine, no problems , at 10,000 feet. Good tuning and engine rebuild. I am going to need a place for some maintenance. Park City, Utah. Gary, I will see you 27th or 28th.

Ride has been spectacular. Crossed the Continental Divide , three times yesterday . Off into mountains today.

Here is a map of my trip so far. Just click on the link.


Here is a map of projected route


I will have pictures when I get to Park City. Northwest members, leave the light on and I need a lift to check out strange sounds from steering.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Trails

Two of my dearest friends are memorializing their Fathers this week. Having bid my Dad a final farewell a few years ago, it's important to know your friends are there for support and understanding. To Bob, somehow fittingly a salute from the wild west and the Grand Tetons. To John, your family knows you'll be there smiling with the rainbows and will be ever present in their daily lives, as always. A hug to Pat and Elizabeth from many miles away...


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Douglas County Fair - Minn.

I have spent a nice day at the Douglas County Fair in Alexandria Minn.  Lots of animals, 4H Club exhibits and just good old country living.  Rest is good and on Sunday, I head to Fargo ND to meet with some  Corvette Forum Members.  Then it is off to High Plains Country.  Camping in the National Parks including Yellowstone.

Douglas County Fair
Douglas County Fair

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Longest Day on the Road

A beautiful ride through the Mid-West.  It is late 12 midnight,  I will write more tomorrow after some rest.

Route 66

You can get your kicks on Route 66.    The ride  from St. Louis to Kansas City MO, was the best yet.  I took Route 66/100 for more than 100 miles along the Missouri River.  No cars,  fast speeds, winding road.  Iowa, Nebraska on my schedule for today.  Special thanks to Jerry Craig in St. Louis and Jason Lowe in KC for their hospitality and good company.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long Day today on the road

Today was a long ride day.  Great ride along the Mississippi for about 100 miles.  Car is running great, a little rain, no traffic and a soft bed waiting in Ellisville MO.  Many small towns along the river , some with vitality and others that time had passed by many years ago.

The towns and hamlets are starting to be farther apart, and people fewer and fewer.  Prosperity and wealth seem to diminish as you leave Ohio and Indiana and move into southern Illinois and northern Missouri.   Staying with Jerry Craig,  who raced and still races corvettes.  One of the last of the original of  gang of corvette racers.  He bought his first Corvette in 1958, brand new , and has had over 14 corvettes over the years.  Great hosts , he and his wife  Armynta.

Off to KC , Kansas tomorrow and then on to Iowa and Minnesota.  Will take a few days off to visit my nephew Ross and his wife and 3 children in Northern Minnesota.

I have been fortunate not to have to tent so far,  hope that continues until big sky country next week

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week Two

Car Info   Oil pressure  60,  Temp 190,  mpg 13-14.5  (3.70 rear) Third latch works like a charm.  No leaks from front of top. Thank you Carl Hinkson (Blockman) for such a great engine rebuild.  Only state and county roads.  No traffic, speeds about 55 to 70  all day.  It is a dream ride.

The Ride   I have stayed on blue highways about 80% of the time.  Small hamlets, Main Streets,  corn and beans in the fields.  Sometimes I can go 10 min. without seeing a car.  Small town USA.  I love to drive and this drive is a Corvette owners dream.  I feel very privileged to have the time, the car and family support to under take such a trip.  Strangers have opened their homes to me and I hope that my visit gives them back as much as they give me.

I am still waiting for Harvey to show up in the passenger seat,  part of this trip was to be self examination and spiritual growth.  I guess it has been too hot .  I will keep you posted if Harvey shows.   I am sorry for the delay in writing this blog , thanks for your patience.

I am staying tonight in a small town called Battle Ground, IN. It was where the battle of Tippecanoe was fought during the war of 1812.   Off to Grafton WI on Sunday.  Keep the light on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week One

The ride from Buffalo NY to Huron  Ohio was great.   Rolling farm lands of NY , PA and Ohio.  Stayed on Route 5 along the Lake,  and Route 2. No traffic,  car running 3200 rpms.  Midyearvette, (Frank Iafolla) has a house on the lake .  It was full of relatives,  so his kind neighbors,  John and Judy Halter, thought that sleeping on the beach in the warm weather was out of the question and offered me a room at their house.   I swam in Lake Erie for the first time and the water was warm and felt wonderful.

Life on the road is beginning to have some routine , and I hope that I will have more time to write.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Six

I will be back with the rest of the story in the morning.  Great Ride, Great people , was going to Pittsburgh, then to WV, but ended up in Orchard Park, NY.  Off to Columbus , but ended up in Huron , Ohio.  Country side is wonderful,  county roads at 60 mph, no traffic, just cows , plows, barns and endless rolling hills.    It is late and I will be back in the AM

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 5

Got up early in Cortland NY.  Picked up car and left for Webster NY  to see Dan Dillingham.  He has a great 54 that he is working on.  Pictures on the NCRS forum in a day or so.  I also met Gene and Susan Manno.  He is a NCRS chapter President and has some great cars.  Photos on NCRS soon.  Gave me some good advice on my rear end alignment.  Hope to take care of in PA or Ohio.

I was running a day late because of the fuel pump and had to leave Frank and Gene sooner than I wanted in order to get to St Catherines, Ontario by dark.  Staying with Sam Kalmut in Welland.  He has a Grand Sport.  He and his wife Jackie have been great, good food, beverage, and talk.

We did go to a local car show and that was fun.  Still having phone and computer problems, but hope to sort them out on Sunday.  The trip continues to be exciting and everyday I am off to a new destination. Keep the light on  ..............

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Four

I would like to share my thoughts on the kindness that people have shown to me on this trip.  I had few problems  , phone not working, fuel pump not working,   stuff that happens.

Take the kindness shown by Joey & Jimmy of the Bronx.  Two guys at a garage in the Bronx that came to my aid.  And what do you know,  Joey's mom was driven to the hospital by his dad, to give birth to him in a 63 SWC  , that is still in the family.  They cleaned my gas vent cap, said my fuel pump was OK and sent me on my way.  Odd happening in the Bronx.

The car acts up near West Point, and because I can't use my phone to call , I remember a friend who teaches at the Academy.  I don't have her number, but do get the address, put it the GPS and I make it to her house, knock on the door and say remember me?  Turns out , her husband has a 73 Corvette in the garage.  I stay the night and the car seems fine in morning and off we go to Rochester, next stop. 

Of course I break down in Cortland NY, when the fuel pump goes south.  What do you know, the garage owner has a 67 BB and a bunch of trophies in the office.  He knows how I am feeling at the moment, and  kindly lends me his truck for the night  , while we wait for the part in the morning. Such kindness.  Also, many forum members (Gene,Rick,Dan)  tried to help me via phone and emails with opinions and advice. Thank you

Now for the good stuff.  Route 17 from about West Point to Cortland is one of the best roads that I have ever driven a mid-year on.  The day was cloudy and threatened rain.  The road is a 4 lane divided highway.  Almost no traffic and 170 miles long.  It wines its way through the Catskill Mountains hugging the river valleys and mountain tops.

On this day you could imagine yourself on a Bavarian highway in Germany.  Wisps of fog and low hanging clouds.  The turns are perfect for our cars to negotiate at 55 to 70 mph.  I put on cruise control at 3300 rpm and just let the car run.  Great road to use instead of the Thruway from Buffalo to NYC.

Hope all is well tomorrow with the car, and off  I go St, Catherines, CA/ Buffalo area, to see my son row in the Canadian Henley , and to see Sam Kalmuk , who owns a  1964 Grand Sport.  Life is Good

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Three

It started out great!  A nice ride to Captree and Jones Beach on Long Island.  Had a little car trouble in the Bronx.  Got as far as Cornwall on the Hudson near West Point.  Safe landing at friend's house.  Jim has a 73 vett and knows a garage close by if I can't fix it in the  am.   It's been hard to get into a routine, but I'm sure once I am in the country side, things will slow down.  Off to the Rochester area on Thursday.  Living out of a car is proving challenging.  Will start to post pictures in a few days; too tired after the heat of driving the last day or so and still have a few bugs with new computer  and on the road internet posting.  Still loving it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Second Day

The last two days have been great.  Car is running fine with no problems.  Lots of people met and pictures to post.  It is about 12 at night and I just wanted to let everyone know that this trip may turn out to be even more that I had hoped for.  I am working on a new computer and phone, so it will be a day or so before I can settle down and write and post.  Stayed in RI last night and I am on Long Island tonight.  The hospitality shown by forum members has been overwhelming in a good way.  Thanks to Paul, Kevin, Charlie and many others.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Journey Begins

The car is packed, all systems checked and at 7:30 AM  I leave with the morning tide.  I would like to thank my family for their support and understanding.  First stop will be Cape Cod in MA, then on to Newport, RI and ending the day at Green Hill Beach , RI. 

Just a little bit nervous, but I am sure that will all go away by 7:31.

Hint: If you click on, Itinerary "Follow Jack's Journey" just below the car picture on the upper right hand corner, it will take you to my travel calender.  Once there, click on (agenda) top of page next to day, week , month tabs. This will give you a short, easy to read, state by state trip plan.

Thanks for all the enthusiastic comments ,  leave the light on!