Saturday, September 22, 2012

Food, Wine, Food, Wine, Cars

Never a dull moment, or an unscheduled one is seems. Lots of activities and about 120 cars to ogle. Carefree bunch of people enjoying their time by the sea at Marseillan-Plage . Rustic cabin is just perfect for a 3 day stop. Was invited to Le Mans, we'll see if there is time. Everyone has been very gracious and interested in my adventure. Ce la vie!

'66 Vette leads the pack at the Beach Fun Fest

Eating again with CGF

Among friends

A friendly gang.


  1. Not at Cap d'Adge but in Marseillan-Plage (it's close to cap d'adge but it's not the same "life")

    See Ya Jack !!

    I'm glad you're OK.

    1. Merci. I changed the post, as you suggested.