Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hard to believe that 2 months have gone by

Last time I blogged I was in Colorado, now I'm enjoying Seabrook Texas,  a suburb or Houston.  The trip continues to be absolutely unbelievable.  From the vast prairie lands of east Kansas, with gas  and oil wells to feed lots with 20,000 head of cattle just standing around and getting fat.

Speaking of which, I had a great steak at the Cattleman's Steak House in Oklahoma City, but then moved on to Mena Arkansas and its very pretty countryside.  Forum members continue to help me along the way with food , shelter and some mothering as I have picked up some kind of stomach bug or food poisoning along the way.

Next stop is  New Orleans and I can't wait,  BBQ shrimp is on the menu along with  a night out . Guess my stomach upset didn't affect my appetite.

As you can see , I have gone native.



  1. Hey Jack:
    Glad to see yer still on the road, and the car is holding up - Nice Hat!! - Sue from Cornwall

  2. Jack,

    Just found your blog of a forum. I hope your journey is great! I plan on doing the same in a few years...! I'm glad you also got a taste of Idaho!

    Blackfoot, Idaho.