Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last mechanical checks

With just 5 days to go I am doing final mechanical checks.  Oil & Filter, Grease fittings, Air filter & Fluids.  New Tires but having a problem with a bent rim.  Hope to solve it by Monday.    Extra fan belts, small distributor parts. , bottle jack, assortment of sockets, wrenches etc. , fix- it flat cans.

Doing a trial fit of items; tent, air mat, stove, cook utensils & camp supplies. GPS, laptop, phone , 2 cameras, 1 movie cam, 110 converter. Clothes and toiletries for 90 days.

Will begin to communicate with other corvette owners whom I plan to visit on my Journey.  It will be hard to project arrival  times much more then a few days in advance.  It will depend on the car holding up, my ability to drive daily the routes and time that may be spent, because of special places or people. 

I hope my trip will enlighten you and make you smile once in a while.  I am fortunate to be able to embark on a trip that we all dream about.  May the stars be out at night and gas pumps open by day.

1 comment:

  1. Jack,
    Have a safe journey. Hope to catch up with you when you get in the Detroit area.